6 Tips for Dressing Up When Going on a Night on the Town with the Girls

6 Tips for Dressing Up When Going on a Night on the Town with the Girls

Posted by No Nonsense on Dec 16th 2021

When was the last night out with your best friends? After long months in lockdown, does the idea of getting dressed up and heading out together still feel like a dream? With public health and safety measures in place and COVID-19 vaccination numbers climbing, it’s now relatively safe and socially appropriate to go out again in many places. If you have your vaccination card on hand, you can now hit up your friends for a long-overdue night on the town. But before you do, you may find yourself facing down this burning question: what are you going to wear?

If you hung up your heels in 2019 and now feel a little out of practice in the styling department, you’re not the only one. So many of us have been living in our loungewear for so long that we could all use a little inspiration. Luckily, there’s no need to spend hours idly browsing social media for outfit ideas. The style experts at No nonsense have got you covered with this list of simple styling tips that will have you dressing to impress again in no time.

Check the Weather

Being out and about again means having to dress appropriately for the weather, especially as the seasons start to change. You won’t look your best if you’re sweating or shivering from head to toe, so plan your outfit around the forecast for the day. If you’d like to stay warm while still showing off some leg, for instance, try pairing a short skirt with some opaque tights. Those sensitive to the cold might be better off with some thick leggings, which always look great under tunics, sweaters, or minidresses.

Layer Up

Layers are another tried-and-true way to brace for changes in weather and temperature while simultaneously adding versatility to your look. Layering up is especially useful if you intend to hop from one engagement to the next, since you can just shed layers or put them back on as needed. Experiment with accessories like scarves and hats or throw on some stylish outerwear. The right coat or jacket will often do a lot to pull your outfit together, and it’ll also keep you nice and toasty while you’re out and about.

Show Some Shoulder

We believe that shoulders are one of the sexiest parts of the body, no matter your body type, so don’t hesitate to flaunt them. One-shoulder tops will give you a subtle way to show some skin into the autumn months. Their elegance and versatility, in fact, often make them year-long wardrobe staples for many people. Try adding a sleek one-shoulder bodysuit to your wardrobe to achieve a more streamlined silhouette. We guarantee it’ll go with everything from jeans to miniskirts to tailored trousers.

Go Sheer

Want to bring some fun, flirty energy to your outfit without being over-the-top? Try incorporating sheer fabrics like lace, mesh, or chiffon into your outfits. Tops or dresses with sheer sleeves or panels, for instance, will have a certain textural appeal while still leaving a lot to the imagination. Super-sheer pieces are also great for layering; think mesh turtlenecks under oversized t-shirts, billowy chiffon blouses over crop tops and bralettes, and so on. Lastly, sheer stockings or knee-highs can help you spice up otherwise conservative pieces like A-line skirts and kitten heels.

Add Some Sparkle

Sequins, glitter, and metallic fabrics never really go out of style, and with good reason. Bring some high shine to your outfit and you’re guaranteed to stand out in any crowd. The best part is that you can go as hard—or not—on the glitz as you’re comfortable. Rock a shiny gold or silver dress if you’re feeling really bold, or layer a sparkly blazer over your favorite LBD. If your personal aesthetic leans more toward the understated, you can always limit the bedazzling to your jewelry, purse, or shoes, too.

Embrace Color Co-ords

If you’ve been happy to live in sweatsuits or sets of matching pajamas over the past months, there’s no reason you can’t bring that energy to your going-out ensemble as well. Wear your favorite color from head to toe for a seamless, well-coordinated look that’s also deceptively easy to put together. Take the color all the way to your accessories if you’re feeling really committed—or opt for less jewelry and neutral-toned shoes if you’d prefer to keep the look low-key.


Nights out with your favorite people have always been special, but they’re sure to be even more so post-pandemic. Dress for the occasion by busting out pieces you’ve been dying to wear all of lockdown. You could even experiment with styles that you have never tried before. If you’re wearing something you love, you’re sure to look as radiant as you feel when the time comes to hit the town.