A great pair of tights will feel almost invisible, like a natural second skin to the wearer. At No nonsense, we’ve studied the formula that combines the comfort of good leggings with the added supportiveness of shapewear. The result is our shop’s very own line of comfortable, but flattering shaping tights. Buy a pair for everyday use when you shop at No Nonsense today!


Though tights are an everyday staple of a woman’s wardrobe, it helps to be picky about the type you buy. You don’t want to end up with a product that looks unflattering, shreds easily, or is downright uncomfortable. But No nonsense promises a refreshing change from all of these with our shaping tights. No nonsense’s shaping tights guarantee the ideal amount of support and freedom of movement you’d want from a pair of tights. Wearing them will also give your legs a firmer look, all the while celebrating their natural shape. Our shaping tights are available in a wide variety of sizes and textures, from basic opaque shaping tights to sultry fishnet tights. Come shop for a pair today at No nonsense!