Sheer Silky Hosiery

Incorporate a sleek detail into your outfit by slipping on a pair of No nonsense sheer & silky hosiery. This item of clothing features a soft and very sheer look that not only makes it lightweight, but also helps define the shape of your legs. It also comes in different sizes to answer the needs of every type of woman. Our sheer & silky hosiery is available in a variety of colors, so you can find a pair that allows your gorgeous skin tone to shine through or complement the color palette of your outfit.


Feel even more beautiful and confident each time you get dressed for the day by putting on a pair of No nonsense sheer & silky hosiery. Unlike your typical undergarments, the sheer & silky hosiery is crafted from a premium quality fabric. It’s also designed to provide you with unmatched support and sophistication underneath your outfit. Its sheer construction makes it light on the skin, so you won’t feel irritated when you move. It’s also made with a comfortable waistband to help define your beautiful figure no matter what fashion ensemble you’re wearing. Plus, it features gorgeous patterns and details, like intricate lace designs, to give your outfit of the day a unique flair.

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