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These days, cloth face masks have become daily essentials for a lot of people because of the important role that they play in preventing the transmission of dangerous diseases. But even when you’re doing your best to protect other people around you, you can still showcase your awesome, no nonsense personal style. Check out No nonsense’s collection of adult face masks, which come in handy pairs. Whether you prefer solid colors that are easy to match with your outfits or you want something with a bolder and more unique design, you’ll find great choices here. Buy a pack of stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly face masks that are safe for everyday use. Shop now at No nonsense!


Along with proper hand hygiene and social distancing, mask-wearing is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop the spread of many infectious diseases. Masks prevent respiratory droplets from spreading when the wearer coughs, sneezes, or speaks, thus minimizing other people's risk of exposure to diseases. Medical masks should be worn in hospital settings and by people who are at high risk of getting sick. However, clean, well-fitting fabric masks are typically sufficient for those who are in good health and just need to get through their day. For adult face mask products that you can use at work, while driving, or while getting some exercise in, No nonsense offers great choices. Our masks are made of thermoregulating Smart Temp textile and are also treated with antimicrobial textile technology. They’re also easy to hand-wash and quick to dry. No nonsense's adult masks are offered in plenty of colors, designs, and patterns. If you prefer plain designs that’ll go with any outfit, you can choose a pair of solid-colored masks, but if you want to add some interesting contrast to your daily attire, you cam go for our stylish masks that feature patterns like plaid, camo, animal print, and polka-dots. Get a stylish, no nonsense pair of adult face masks for yourself today!