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Shop for your kids’ daily essentials as well as your own only here at No nonsense. Our durable, easy-to-use, and washable face masks are now available in small sizes that are just right for little tots. They also come in cute, colorful, and kid-friendly designs that will surely appeal to children. Protect your little ones’ safety and wellbeing by ordering face masks for kids. Grab a pack or two today from No nonsense!


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of simple cloth masks to help in our community efforts to curb the spread of infectious diseases. The World Health Organization also deems it safe for children between 6 and 11 years old to wear masks with proper adult supervision. Kids in good health can wear fabric masks so that, like adults, they can avoid transmitting diseases to others. The ideal face masks for kids, however, should be comfortable, breathable, and of the right size. You’ll find a number of good options for your child’s everyday use here at No nonsense. Our face masks for kids are made of fabrics with added antimicrobial properties. Moreover, they are double layered so that it’s easy to insert extra filtration. They also make use of Smart Temp technology to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Add to this the fact that our kids’ face masks are also soft to the skin and comfortable even for younger children to wear. You and your kids can choose from a variety of designs, from plain solid colors to patterns like camo, animal print, and polka dots. Help them choose face coverings that they won’t mind wearing and will be something that they can wear comfortably throughout the day. Buy them in pairs from No nonsense and keep the extra ones handy for your little ones.