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Meet Gabrielle

Mother, Runner, Nurse. Self-described work in-progress.

Meet Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a labor delivery nurse who has overcome the nonsense of substance abuse issues in her past.

What made you want to become a nurse? Why labor and delivery specifically?

Six years ago, I pursued my dream of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. Every day that I get the opportunity to witness the birth of a new life, I marvel at what a gift life is. As I listen to the baby’s heart beating and the sound of the baby’s breathing for the first time, everything within me slows. I think, “This is the beginning for you, I wonder what gifts God has sent with you. Have a good life, little one. I hope you share all that you are with the world.”

Tell us about a time in your life that you overcame nonsense in your life

The first part of my life I spent feeling as though everyone else in the world had received an instruction manual to life that I was not given. Although I did my very best to present the version of myself that I wanted others to see, inside I felt like there was something intrinsically wrong with me. I had feelings of deep inadequacy, and I lived in the shame of not being good enough and failing to measure up to those around me. Often, my brain raced uncontrollably, and I felt as though I was drowning in the sea of anxiety and depression. I found a reprieve in alcohol for some time, until I sank deeper and was unable to experience any sense of peace or contentment in life without it.

At 21 years old, my life felt completely unmanageable. I had dropped out of college and found out that I was pregnant. I had no idea how I was going to be able to guide a child through this world when I was so lost myself. I knew that I needed help, but I was afraid of what others would think if they saw what was going on beneath the surface.

It turns out that it was in those broken pieces and my willingness to begin to share my brokenness with others that my life began to change. Despite my fears, I began to open and share my struggles and that is when the true healing began.

Today, one of the things I now know for certain is that each one of us has an incredible gift that we bring to the world. When we deny the world from seeing the “messy” human side of ourselves, we are denying the world and ourselves a large part of this gift. We do not need to wrap our gift up in neatly wrapped paper with a bow on top and give it to the world. The world already has plenty of those. Instead, we are called to be brave with our lives. We are to show up in our messy buns and No-nonsense leggings and share everything we are and everything we were created to be.

I am still very much a work in progress, and I am learning more every day how to be more real and authentic. I want to share it all: my fears, my passions, my failures, my humanness, and my overflowing heart.

I am now living the life that I have always dreamed of. I have been sober for 10 years now and the tremendous growth and change I have seen in my life over the past decade never ceases to amaze me. I am a single mom to my beautiful daughter, and we have a very close bond.

What empowering message do you want to share with all woman?

I hope you share all that you are with the world, even if you do it afraid. You have so much to offer.