ExpanTech for Kids

Are you looking for good pairs of socks for your kids that you don’t have to keep replacing every so often? Try No nonsense’s signature ExpanTech socks for kids. This fabric technology gives our socks some extra stretch, keeping them comfy for your children as their feet grow. You can choose from a variety of cuts, colors, and styles for your kids, from plain solid-colored socks to striped sport crew socks. Grab a pack of children’s ExpanTech sockstoday only here at No nonsense!


Comfy socks are a must-have for growing kids. They cushion children’s feet against injury while the little ones walk and play, and they also prevent harmful bacteria from thriving inside shoes. But as your kid’s feet grow larger and wider, you end up having to spend more for socks and shoes that fit them. Without knowing it, you may have already spent a good amount of money just by replacing pairs of socks that have been outgrown. How can you ensure that you always have the right size of socks for your kid, all without spending more money than you need to? Fulfilling that need for parents was what we at No nonsense had in mind when we launched ExpanTech for kids. With our proprietary ExpanTech technology, we’ve made a type of sock that can stretch across multiple sizes. That means that you don’t have to keep buying socks every time your child has a growth spurt. The socks will be wearable for longer, and they’ll also keep from being too loose or too tight on your kids’ feet. Help your kids choose from any one of our fun and colorful sock designs, from preppy-looking turn cuff socks to sportier crew socks. Get ExpanTech socks for kids only here at No nonsense, and save money on socks that grow with your kids.