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If you’re the type of person who’d rather wear simple, low-cut socks with their shoes, check out No nonsense’s catalog for no show socks. Here, you’ll find a number of great options for soft, breathable, and long-lasting socks that you can use with low-cut shoes. Pick out a pair of sensible no show cotton socks or microfiber socks to match your favorite pair of sneakers, or, try the low-cut versions of our cushioned socks and compression socks for extra comfort and relief from pain. Come shop at No nonsense for low-profile socks that you can match with any type of footwear and will last you a long time!


Some people love to wear long and colorful socks with their outfits, and they take joy in styling these socks with boots or statement sneakers. Others, however, prefer sock cuts and designs that are a little more discreet. No show socks, whose cuffs are often hidden within the shoe, are the perfect cut for these individuals. They can be used with dressier shoes—like loafers, moccasins, wingtips, or brogues—so that the wearers can maintain a more formal or professional appearance. At the same time, they can be used in less formal occasions, where footwear like casual low-cut sneakers, slip-ons, or gym trainers are likely to be the shoes of choice.


You can use no show socks from No nonsense in whatever way you want. They can play an excellent second fiddle to your shoes, staying hidden in the background while keeping your feet comfortable. Alternatively, you can buy a more colorful pair of socks that can peep out discreetly from the collar of your shoe. Choose from versatile cotton no show socks, or short socks made from microfiber or with our proprietary ExpanTech stretch technology. If you’re looking for socks for the gym, for outdoor sports, or for long commutes, get our low-cut compression socks or cushioned socks. Our products also come in packs of two, packs of three, or packs of twelve, which means you can have plenty of spares for the rest of the week. Browse our website today and shop for no show socks made with No nonsense’s signature quality.