Few things are more sublime than slipping your feet into your favorite slippers at home, after a long day at work. Slipper socks are just the thing to put on when you need comfy indoor footwear at home, or even at the office. They’re just the thing for letting your feet breathe while keeping them warm and cozy at the same time. Unlike regular thick socks, our slipper socks feature non-slip grippers to keep you from slipping on smooth surfaces, such as tile or hardwood. Find your favorite slippers on No nonsense today.


While few things are as comfortable as being barefoot at home, there are times you’d rather have a pair of slippers for padding around indoors. Tile and masonry floors can get quite chilly when winter comes along, and cold feet are certainly no fun. Thankfully, No nonsense has a selection of slippers that are as cozy as they are stylish. Choose between sweater slipper socks and ballet slippers in a variety of patterns and colors. All slippers are made to last and have non-slip grippers to prevent slipping when walking on smooth floors. Do your feet a favor. Explore No nonsense to find your slippers today.