Expantech for Girls

Help your teenage daughter, niece, or grandchild become confident in their personal style with No nonsense girls’ tights. Mixing and matching outfits with tights won’t be boring if they have room to play. Our girls’ tights, which are made for extra comfort, will be the perfect gift for a young woman who’s starting to come into her own. Find a great pair that can be a staple of her closet here at No nonsense!


Growing up, it can be hard for a young woman to find a personal style that truly resonates with her. But once she settles into an aesthetic that fits who she means to be, it will boost her self-esteem and confidence greatly. One of the best things you can do for a young girl as a mom, aunt, or grandparent is encourage her to be herself. If you’re buying clothing for her, look for closet staples that are versatile, comfortable, and well-fitting. A basic clothing item that women of all ages should have in their ensemble is a pair of tights. At No nonsense, you can purchase a pair of tights that are especially made for teens or preteens, including those from our signature ExpanTech line. There’s no need to worry about the wearer outgrowing their ExpanTech tights after a short while, as these can stretch over several sizes. Once you’ve bought a reliable pair of girls’ tights, have fun choosing a wide range of outfits to wear them with. Watch a young woman grow at ease with herself and who she wants to be. Support her in finding and developing a timeless, no nonsense brand of personal style!