Full Length Leggings

A pair of full length leggings can be one of the most versatile additions you can make to your wardrobe. Simply match them with a long shirt and dressy shoes for work or for a night out, or choose a pair that you can wear with a T-shirt for exercise, grocery runs, or chores at home. A reliable pair of leggings will last you through the seasons, and they will be enjoyable to wear no matter what outfit you use them with. Accentuate your style in a simple way with a pair of all-around No nonsense leggings. Browse our catalog for the style, material, and pattern that you like best!

Leggings differ from ordinary pants by virtue of their elasticity, their close fit from the waist down, and their absence of buckles or zippers. When they first became fashionable in the 1960s, they were originally used only as extra layers when the weather got cold. But now, thanks to the many patterns and styles available, full length leggings can be worn with the same versatility as ordinary pants. They’re just as easy to style up, and they’re a lot easier to wear since you can just pull them on.

Given how adaptable leggings are, you have so many possibilities for incorporating them into your outfits. A pair of cotton leggings will be a great companion to a long boyfriend-style polo shirt or tunic for a stylish, yet professional work outfit. You can match a pair of ponte leggings —which have an elegant tailored look—with a blazer and a statement necklace for a formal event. You also have a choice to buy denim leggings or printed leggings to wear with your favorite casual tees, allowing you to adopt a carefree but effortlessly chic look. Lastly, leggings will provide ample support and flexibility to your legs when you’re exercising, which is definitely what you need for when you have your regular workouts. However you use them, make sure to get a quality pair that will last you longer than a few wears. Find plain cotton, denim, twill, or printed leggings you’ll love here at No nonsense!

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