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here’s to No nonsense® Our Story

here’s to No nonsense® Our Story

May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them! We’re proud to introduce (and dress!) the No nonsense class of 2022, a group of women challenging the status quo, owning their stories, and eliminating the nonsense from their lives with grace and strength.

Meet Alison

designing her own life

I’m a mom of three boys and a business owner. ( I was laid off 10 years ago when I had a 6 month old and wanted to only work part time. Instead of looking for a new job that would also not support my family, I decided to start my own business!  Now I work with other moms and wives (and their partners) to design functional and beautiful homes for them and their families! I’m also working on putting myself first (sometimes) and have lost 30 pounds since Jan!  Not looking to become a supermodel, just trying to be more active so that I can keep up with my boys (10, 8 & 3 year olds).

Meet Dionne

taking nothing for granted

Life has taught me a few things: face your fears, learn from your past, embrace change, Live OUTLOUD! Eliminate any noise & nonsense that comes your way.Growing up in Louisiana exposed me to a totally different mantra than the above. There were distractions everywhere. The noise was deafening, we never spoke about change! For as long as I could remember the plan would be that I’d live AND die in Louisiana. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina made sure that my time there would expire sooner than I could prepare for. While it wasn’t a willing embrace, it taught me to cherish life and to never take anything for granted. I look back at that moment not to reflect on all the things that I lost but on everything I gained. Living in this safe space doesn’t allow any room for nonsense, negativity or anything that does not add value to my life. If I can overcome a CATEGORY 5 hurricane than surely any nonsense that comes my way won’t stand a chance!

Meet Valeria

overcoming life's obstacles

I've had to overcome many obstacles and barriers in life since a very young age particularly around my race. I'm proud to share that my mom gave up her career to give me a better life in the US. We migrated when I was a year old and ever since my role as a daughter is to exhibit strength and tenacity to whatever comes my way, for myself and for my mom. During Covid I had one of the toughest challenges I think I've ever dealt with: I lost my father three days after giving birth to my daughter. I was unable to fly down to be there and dealt with quite a bit of post-partum depression. My biggest challenge was talking about being depressed- I'm "super woman" can I struggle? But I did and I'm blessed that somehow, I came out on top. My dad always told me my strength would carry me when I needed it most. I'm thankful I found strength in my kids and being a mother. If one day, they ask me about overcoming a challenge I can share my daughter’s birth story, how I gained a beautiful daughter and dealt with grief. That they were my gasoline to keep me going. I'll add that I decided to change careers two months after giving birth to her (that's a story for another time...but pumping while interviewing should get you a job anywhere). My mom taught me that I must drive the change I want to see and that's what I hope I do every day and will continue to do until the day I part.

Meet Kim

learning to live a fuller life

In June, I'll be a 4 year breast cancer survivor. Throughout my journey, I've continued work in our community; becoming a substitute teacher during Covid, working our local election as a Poll Manager and serving as President for our Parent Teacher Organization. During this time I also became a USO Ambassador and enjoy sharing my perspective as an Air Force Veteran with the Ft. Jackson recruits as they begin their military careers. I've worked around the physical and emotional limitations that come with survivorship, carefully balancing motherhood and marriage- and I do this mostly in activewear! I love the saying, "One day, or day one. You decide" I make that choice daily to live fuller and love harder. No grass is growing under my feet!

Meet Henna

healing her inner-self... shine on

My life journey (especially the past decade) has been that of hardship, struggle, enlightenment, and absolute adventure. In 2014, after leaving a 20+ year toxic marriage and walking away from the 16-year business we created together, I was in a place of ground zero. As unstable and financially insecure as that was, I finally felt free and able to begin deeply healing my inner spirit and start living life (not just existing in it). Since then, I have explored new experiences and ventured into new challenges - personally, professionally, and spiritually. I wouldn't change anything and although my living style is super simplistic these days, I've found a wealth in freedom and self-liberation that was only available at the release of everything that was holding my life down. I now relish the opportunities to share my strength and to inspire other women to ignite their inner feminine goddess energy and set fire to their life in the most beautiful magical way. Shine on!

Meet Kyeisha

navigating life as a single mom

The biggest struggle I've had to overcome in my life is being a single mom of two, beginning at the young age of 21. I hadn't finished with college or even begun, really knowing who I was and what I wanted to be. My life quickly changed after having my daughter. I wasn't ready to be a mom. I ended up suffering years of deep depression and anxiety. Working multiple jobs and depending on the support of my family just to make ends meet. Things began to get better, and then I had my youngest daughter, Danica. My depression came back in full force, as I felt I wasn't being the best mother I could be. My daughters had to witness the physical/mental/emotional abuse I was going through in a relationship. I eventually built up the courage to leave that relationship. I am now able to look past all the nonsense that was thrown at me and pursue the life that I want to live, not just for myself but for my daughters.

Meet Kristy

comfortable in her own skin

I want to share something I am extremely passionate about...pageants and modeling. I went to school to be a teacher which is a big passion of mine. My other passion was and is pageants and modeling. In 2009 I was placed 4th runner up in the Miss North Carolina USA pageant. I was awarded scholarships from the pageant while attending High Point University and given the opportunity to attend Barbizon Modeling School where I went on to model and act in LA. I worked with AMTC and attended an event in Florida for acting and modeling. My experiences in the pageant, modeling, and acting world taught me a lot! When first entering the pageant world I was told I needed to lose weight; I began a workout and diet journey which led me down a very low path in my life. I was never overweight, but I let this diet and physical fitness take over my life. I've been able to dial back to where I can be happy and healthy, but it was a huge obstacle to overcome. I want people, especially women, to realize that it's so easy to be hard on yourself, but in the end, you must come to the realization that you are enough, if you feel others don't love the way you look or feel a certain way about you, God still does. You must come to a point where you're comfortable in your own skin and that's what I've done. After one child and one on the way my life has changed for the good in so many ways. I want my children to understand what took me so long to learn early on in their life. Life is a journey, and you are enough!

Meet Gabrielle. Mother. Runner. Nurse.
Self described work in progress.


Meet Renee. Stylish. Single. Mom.
"The sky isn't the limit, it's the galaxy"


Meet Elizabeth. Collage student. Aspiring teacher. Down syndrome advocate.