Control Top Hosiery

Throwing on a pair of No nonsense control top hoseiry will turn your outfit of the day into a comfortable and show stopping number. Unlike other hosiery, the control top sheer line of legwear is designed to provide you with excellent support throughout the day without being too tight around your waist and legs.

With No nonsense’s control top sheer legwear, you can expect your legs to look and feel smooth under your dress, skirt, or shorts. This type of pantyhose is crafted from a super soft fabric, making it light and comfortable on your skin. It’s also constructed to stay durable, so it won’t easily tear even if you’ve been wearing the garment for the entire day. The control top sheer comes in a variety of styles and designs to complement the fashion tastes and needs of every wearer. We have pieces that feature a non-binding waistband for individuals who are looking for hosiery that offer great support and comfort. We also have items that gently firm and trim your hips and thighs to help give you a more defined figure. What’s more, all of our control top sheer garments come in different colors, so your legs can rock that all-natural look or match the hues of your seasonal outfits.

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