Super Opaque Tights

It’s good to have a variety of tights in your closet. Not only will it give you more opportunities to mix and match your clothing, but you’ll also be able to dress for the weather. Of course, you need to purchase quality tights to ensure that the fit and style suit your unique lifestyle. Thankfully, with No nonsense’s super opaque 90 denier legwear, all your fashion needs will be answered.

When it comes to providing you with great style and comfort, No nonsense’s super opaque 90 denier delivers the best results. The tights in this collection are made from a super soft and smooth fabric, which allows them to hug you in the right places and help bring out your elegant figure. These garments boast an opaque styling that complements all kinds of apparel—from the preppy shift dress to the classic denim shorts. We also offer a variety of opaque 90 denier tights to give you more options when putting your outfit together. Aside from the reliable full-length tights, we also have footless selections, so you can rock that casual look with ease. Plus, our pieces come in an array of colors to make your ensemble pop no matter the occasion.

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