Opaque Tights

Tights are meant to be worn as if they’re a second skin. And that skin is guaranteed to be most warm, most snug, and most protective of your legs when you wear opaque tights. Find a solid-looking and reliable pair that you can always layer with skirts, dresses, or even denim shorts. Shop for quality women’s opaque tights only at No nonsense!

Few women pay attention to the tights they’re buying, as this piece of legwear often plays second fiddle to the rest of the outfit. But the color and thickness of the tights are two things that shoppers should definitely pay attention to. Women’s opaque tights have a denier count of least 40, certainly a more substantial weight of fabric than sheer tights. These tights are harder to see through, will keep your legs warmer than sheer pieces, and are less likely to rip. They’re the kind that you want to wear when your top layer has a short hemline. If any wardrobe malfunction happens, your opaque tights will also be able to save the day! So make sure to grab a few pairs today and make them a permanent part of your wardrobe. Shop for opaque compression tights, control top tights, capri tights, and many more at No nonsense!

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