Very Sheer Hosiery

Add a touch of elegance to your fashion ensemble by slipping on a pair of No nonsense very sheer hosiery. Like most hosiery, this type of legwear helps define the shape your legs. However, what makes the very sheer different from the rest is that it’s super lightweight and gives wearers a more natural look.

Let your gorgeous skin tone shine through each time you wear No nonsense’s very sheer hosiery. The garment’s thin, high-quality fabric lets you show off your stunning natural color, making it easier to complement any apparel you own. Aside from its skin tone hues, the very sheer hosiery also comes in various colors. Thanks to this, you can find a pair that matches the overall color palette of your ensemble. The very sheer series is extremely soft and offers a perfect and comfortable fit, even if you’ve been wearing it all day long. It also boasts great support, allowing you to hurry through a busy sidewalk and not worry about it sliding down your waist. Additionally, it’s designed with a reinforced toe, so it won’t tear so easily whether you’re wearing ballet flats or 5-inch stilettos. With the very sheer hosiery, you’ll be able to elegantly show off your shapely legs while adding a hint of that natural style.

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