Here’s to No nonsense® Women

May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them! We’re proud to introduce (and dress!) the No nonsense class of 2021, a group of women challenging the status quo, owning their stories, and eliminating the nonsense from their lives with grace and strength.

Meet Ariel

Risk-Taking & Change-Making

Ariel is a social activist dedicated to making life more equitable, free, and happy for people in her community—and those she’s never met.

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Meet Camilia

Persisting & Persevering

Camilia knows all about turning a setback into a success. As a single mom and business owner, she also knows nothing worth having is easy—but with faith, everything works out.

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Meet Beth

Seeing Each Day As A Gift

Mom, yogi, and advocate Beth is living with a terminal illness, and while it’s been painful emotionally and physically, she’s using the experience to “be good and do good.”

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Meet Devon

embracing vulnerability

As a woman living with an invisible disability, Devon draws strength by asking for help, and facing pain—her own, and others’—with empathy and kindness.

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Meet Diana

Trusting Yourself

As a young single mother in Columbia with a big dream, Diana faced plenty of obstacles. But she soon realized her only limits were those she placed on herself.

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Meet Keisha

Being Human & Setting Boundaries

Keisha’s anxiety attacks left her reeling, until she began to embrace “no,” be bold even when afraid, and establish a healthier balance in her life.

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