Feel confident in every outfit you wear by slipping on a pair of No nonsense great shapes hosiery. This women’s premium body shaping legwear is designed to hug you in the right places, so you can show off your gorgeous figure in comfort.



It’s difficult to find a pair of hosiery that’s not only comfortable, but also makes you look good in any ensemble you put on. There are undergarments that give you a great shape but might be too tight around the waist that wearing them the entire day will tire you out. Fortunately, with No nonsense’s great shapes hosiery, you can show off your flattering figure comfortably. Our premium body shaping legwear is designed to provide you with complete comfort. Items that are in this collection are made from a quality, lightweight fabric that’s easy on the skin. They also come with a comfort waistband that lightly cinches your sides while providing excellent support. Great shapes hosiery also slims your tummy, hips, and thighs, which helps define your elegant figure. Plus, they’re available in a variety of colors, from skin tone hues to smooth solid tones, so you can easily pair them with your office wear or date night outfit.