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With their lightweight feel and see-through design, No nonsense’s sheer hosiery lend a smooth and sleek touch to your overall outfit. Whether you want your legs to look more elegant or exude that natural appearance, our premium sheer hosiery will definitely accentuate the contours of your body and give you the results you’re looking for. Each item in our sheer hosiery collection boasts a quality construction, enabling them to complement your unique fashion taste and lifestyle. We have pieces that are available in lighter or darker hues, so you can make certain articles of your clothing stand out. We also have hosiery that come with a non-binding comfort waistband to ensure that you’re being supported in the right places without running the risk of getting marks on your skin. What’s more, they’re all constructed to provide you with unmatched durability, so they’ll stay in great shape even when you’ve been standing at work all day.