Even though we’re mostly known for our high-quality hosiery, leggings, tights, and other apparel, we at No nonsense are also dedicated to providing you with accessories that cater to your current lifestyle. That’s why when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we did our part by designing a face mask that can help our customers protect themselves and other people from the spread of the coronavirus. Check out our collection of cloth face masks today, and buy a few for yourself, your family, and friends. Wearing a mask in these unprecedented times is the best way to show your loved ones and your community that you care.


All of the products we create at No nonsense offers a perfect and comfortable fit that lasts. We also make sure that they help you feel safe, confident, and prepared to face a variety of challenges. That said, you can be sure that the items in our face mask collection don’t only provide you with a full and snug coverage, but will also help in preventing the spreading of COVID-19. Our ear loop face masks possess a double layer construction and are treated with NPJ03 V-Block Antimicrobial technology, which help kill microbes upon contact. They’re also breathable, soft to touch, and skin-safe, so even people with sensitive skin can use them. Our face masks are also reusable and can be hand-washed up to 30 times without losing their antimicrobial property. Moreover, they’re available in many different styles, colors, and sizes, so you can purchase face masks that fit both adults and kids, in addition to getting them in hues or patterns that match the person’s preferences. No nonsense would like to remind you that these masks act as an additional layer of protection. However, they are not medical devices and don’t fully protect users against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogenic organisms.