Whether you’re searching for sheer tights that can help you look more professional at work or will allow you to achieve a more polished look for your legs on more casual days, No nonsense has the right sheer 30 denier tights for the occasion. Browse through our wide selection of sheer tights to find a pair that suits your lifestyle!


Opaque tights are great for when you need sufficient coverage for your legs, but sometimes, the situation will call for a pair of tights that are a little more transparent. Sheer 30 denier tights fit the bill just right, and you can use them in a lot of different ways. No matter if you’re looking for a staple to wear in the office or a pair that can complete your evening look, we have the tights just for you. Most of our sheer 30 denier tights feature a seamless construction so you don’t have to worry about unsightly stitching showing up in places like your tummy or crotch. They’re also non-binding and weightless, so they won’t bunch up or pinch when you least expect them to. Discover the many sheer tights available in our shop by browsing our catalog today!