Sheer to Waist

No nonsense’s sheer to waist hosiery offers that classy elegant look while offering a more comfortable feel. This undergarment is completely sheer from the waist all the way down to the toes, giving you the confidence to rock your preferred fashion ensemble all day long.

Putting on sheer hosiery is an excellent way to give your attire a light and elegant touch. Due to their see-through design and construction, they help keep your skin cool while giving the illusion that you’re rocking that all natural look. If you’re looking for sheer undergarments that complement your wardrobe and lifestyle, the sheer to waist hosiery from No nonsense is a must-have. The legwear in this collection are crafted to deliver extreme comfort, as well as give your legs a smooth and shapely appearance. Each of the items is made from quality soft fabric, so they’re light to wear and delicate on the skin. They’re also remarkably durable, which means they won’t tear so easily even when you’ve been walking and wearing your shoes all day long. No nonsense’s sheer to waist undergarments come with contoured gussets. These design features not only to reinforce their construction, but also ensures that you’re getting the ideal fit. What’s more, the hosiery is available in a variety of colors, so you can find a garment that complements your gorgeous skin tone or comes in a hue that completes your overall look.