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The best tights that a woman can own are the kind that are comfortable and made to last. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we crafted our ExpanTech line of hosiery. Each pair of our ExpanTech tights features a unique expandable panel that gives it an extra vertical and horizontal stretch. Not only does that enhance the wearer’s comfort, but it also flatters their natural figure much better than ordinary tights would. If you’re looking for tights that are both snug and durable, shop through No nonsense’s collection of ExpanTech tights today. Buy a pair of tights that you’ll look and feel great in for a long time!


One mistake women often make when it comes to buying tights is settling for the kind that are ill-fitting or uncomfortable. It isn’t long before these tights lose their shape and quality, and the only option after is to throw them out. But what if you could find tights that are the perfect combination of durable, stretchable, and stylish? No nonsense is proud to offer a line of tights, called ExpanTech, that are made with all three in mind.


What makes our ExpanTech tights unique is their usage of expandable panels. They’ll stretch either vertically or horizontally, giving you that extra legroom to move around. At the same time, each pair comes with a waistband that stays firmly in place and adds much-needed support to your natural silhouette. Unlike with your other tights, you won’t feel constricted—like you always have to hold your breath—when wearing ExpanTech. They’ll be a pleasure to wear whether you’re using them for work or pairing them with your favorite casual outfit.


To buy tights that are especially made to last, shop through No nonsense’s ExpanTech line today!