Sheer to Waist

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Want something that can make your outfit stand out from the rest of a crowd? Then slipping on a pair of sheer to waist tights underneath your clothing will give you that attention-grabbing factor. Sheer to waist tights come in an array of colors and designs, giving mundane ensembles the kick they need to make you feel more confident with what you’re wearing. If you’re looking for high-quality sheer to waist tights that complement your wardrobe, check out No nonsense’s collection of legwear and take your pick.


Sheer to waist tights make excellent layering pieces that not only add warmth to your ensemble, but also let you express your individual style with ease. To cater to everyone’s fashion taste, No nonsense has designed a variety of tights that can be worn in every occasion. We offer tights that feature unique patterns and prints like houndstooth, plaid, and zebra stripes to give your outfit of the day a textured flair. We also have footless pieces to match apparel exuding a more casual look. What’s more, our sheer to waist tights come in many different colors and levels of thickness, so you can definitely find a pair that complement the articles of clothing in your wardrobe.